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Quickly & Naturally Overcome Anxiety,

Panic Attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia,

Health Anxiety & Depression

The Linden Method uses LAR, the only accredited,
dedicated anxiety disorder therapy developed for recovery.

100% Money Back Guarantee


If you don't feel you have benefited, you pay nothing!


Does The Linden Method Work?

Independent University Led Trial Results

A trial carried out at Copenhagen University saw incoming clients reduce their anxiety levels from an average of 18.24 (severe) to 2.84 (normal) by doing The Linden Method Program.

These results were analyzed using IBM analysis software.




How is The Linden Method

going to cure you?


"Because it’s THE solution... the one programmed into you by genetics… not some man-made ‘treatment’ based on 'theory' like therapy or inappropriate medications. Try it and you'll see that talking to your subconscious mind is easy and switching off your anxieties, phobias and obsessions is TOTALLY within your immediate control... do it every day when you learn something new, drive a car or watch TV... we show you how to quickly tell your mind to let go of fear...


...just do it, it's so simple.


Chales Linden Signature
Charles Linden. Director



The Linden Method was developed to:


Hello! My name is Charles Linden. In 1996, I freed myself of the crushing symptoms of anxiety and panic-attacks after 27 years of suffering.

Since 1997, I have worked tirelessly to develop and refine this process into a unique and simple program that has been used by more than 168,702 people, worldwide.

That process is now accredited as a professional Anxiety Disorder Recovery Therapy called LAR and using it brings immediate and long-term benefits that rebalance your emotional and physical health.


The Linden Center
Monday, 8:56 AM

Dear Friend and fellow anxiety sufferer,

Yes, I was YOU once and what I'm going to tell you may sound unbelievable... but it's actually based on a revolutionary discovery that has become the world's first dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy.

Over a decade of dedicated work and experience in successfully treating over 168,702 anxiety, panic attack and phobia sufferers, we can promise you that you can be anxiety free and return to a normal life.

You won't need to take any medication or attend lengthy and probing therapy sessions to achieve it.

What are your symptoms?

Believe me when I tell you that, not only are all these very common symptoms of anxiety disorder, but they are all harmless and can be switched off very quickly!

Your body and mind has the ability to SWITCH OFF all of these inappropriate thoughts and symptoms in under a second BUT you need to know how to instruct the brain to do that.

That is exactly what we will show you... the mind and body's only anxiety recovery mechanism... the switch that put you back to how you 'should be'.

Our success rate is unmatched; tens of thousands of happy anxiety and panic attack free clients are a testament to that.

If you are serious about beating this terrible disorder
- you have come to the right place...

Here's a startling fact for you...

Did you know... around 40 Million people in the US and around 15 million people in the UK* alone currently suffer from anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, obsessions and phobias, so you are not alone. As a result, anxiety disorders cost the US $300 billion* a year. it's an epidemic!
* source: Anxiety Disorders Association of America

It is vitally important for you to understand that, from this point on you, must forget what you have previously learned about your anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD or OCD.

What I am about to reveal to you is the whole truth, based on 1000's of unique experiences, where there is not one exception to the rule.

In 19 years of treating tens of thousands of anxiety, depression, obsessions, phobias and panic attacks sufferers worldwide, we have developed the most effective solution to panic attacks, anxiety disorder phobias available. It is endorsed by both psychologists and doctors, an is drug free, easy to implement and most importantly - complete.


This process is now an accredited therapy with a proven success rate of total recovery

If you follow it correctly, it works - and it's so, so simple and fast

I am 100% convinced that The Linden Method will cure you, however, if you decide that it isn't for you, we will give you a full refund any time up to 12 months from the purchase date!



Plum Sykes - Best selling author - Fashion Editor,
Vogue Magazine USA

Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results - results are dependent on the individual doing the program as instructed. All testimonials are real, and all the people featured have provided their reviews of their own free will without payment.

Plum Sykes - Vogue Editor - Linden Method Client



100% success* at eliminating Anxiety,

Panic Attacks, Obsessions, OCD and Phobias



*In trials carried out at Copenhagen University, The Linden Method resulted in GAD7 scores (Government standard grading anxiety levels from 1 to 21) lowering from an average of 18.24 to 2.84 in the 61 trial subjects. This means that it eliminated anxiety disorders completely. No other resource or program produces this level of curative success. CBT and medication were also used by the majority of the patients - None of the participants reported these had helped.

Usually, my clients experience a substantial improvement almost immediately. Most are anxiety and panic attack free within days or, in severe cases, just a few weeks.

If you want to eliminate anxiety disorders like panic attacks, agoraphobia and associated symptoms/sensations, I promise you that this Method is the solution.

I just hope you give me the opportunity to show you what it will do for you.




Recommended and referred to by medics

and psychologists world-over


What does a Harvard University psychology professor say?

Dr. Romulo Valdez
Dr Romulo Valdez, Jr., Ph.D. - Harvard Medical School

"As a psychologist that has been treating anxiety and depression for over 25 years, I can espouse the effectiveness of the Linden Method. It has its basis in the foundation of cognitive behavioral and cognitive restructuring theory which is the treatment of choice of all anxiety and depressive disorders.

For those of you that have suffered from either anxiety or depression, you know that the medication only serves to numb one's experience of the real world. You also know that "talk therapy" cannot give you the tranquility that you desperately need. You most likely have spent thousands of dollars of health insurance money and money of your own to find peace of mind.

The Linden Method gives you all the tools you need to work on your issues on an hour-by-hour basis. The beauty of this method is that you are the master of your own destiny. You monitor your own progress and rely on other's feedback to insure progress. Unlike other self-help programs, the Linden Method give you one year of ongoing support from a professional like me to help you in places where you might get stuck.

Mr. Linden is so confident in it's efficacy that he is willing to give you a one year guarantee or he will refund your money. Read the testimonials and give the Linden Method a trial and you will see for yourself.

I have been trained by the very best in the field psychology and psychiatry as you can see by my credentials, and I endorse the Linden Method with highest regards. It give you all that you need, however, you must be willing to follow through. As in all treatment methods, compliance is mandatory. Haven't you suffered enough? The solution is at your disposal. Why wait?"

Dr Romulo Valdez Jr., Ph.D.

Dr Valdez is one of America's leading Psychologists. Dr. Valdez obtained his M.A. in Clinical Psychology is at Central Michigan University. His Ph.D. was from Michigan State University. Dr. Valdez did his clinical training at both Dartmouth Medical School and Harvard Medical School. He was an integral member of an NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) research project at the University of Pennsylvania, Psychotherapy Research Center. He now works with the Center for Psychological Trauma at Dartmouth Medical School, Department of Psychiatry.



Anxiety disorder recovery is so simple...

Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks aren't mental or physical illnesses!
They are behavioral conditions, fueled solely by our own actions!

Learn about how this organ is creating, causing and perpetuating your anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD or phobias.

There is one mechanism in each and every one of us that causes, creates, stores and activates the response which causes anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

The Amygdala is a small but powerful organ in the brain. It forms part of the Lymbic System, the 'nerve center' which controls emotions and anxiety levels, amongst other functions.

I know how it feels to suffer BUT I can assure you 100% that your recovery is so simple if you just follow my lead.


Scientific confirmation of the theory behind The Linden Method

The Amygdala is confirmed by the National Institute of Mental Health (the Institute responsible for the majority of the World's anxiety disorders research) as the cause of panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
Read their press release

However, whilst the NIMH test a new machine which fires electro-magnetic radiation into people's brains, I have been using my Method for nearly a decade to achieve unbelievable results without machines or drugs and using the exact same principle! In fact, it works over 96.7% of the time!


Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results - results are dependent on the individual doing the program as instructed. All testimonials are real, and all the people featured have provided their reviews of their own free will without payment.

keyy linden method anxiety and panic attacks testimonial


The Amygdala is the body's 'Anxiety on Switch' but it's also the OFF switch!

Under normal circumstances, the Amygdala 'anxiety switch' remains in the 'off' position, only becoming activated when appropriate anxiety is required, in times of appropriate danger or threat for example.

Repeated activation of this 'switch', during times of stress, sadness, grief or anger for example, can cause it to become 'stuck' in the 'on' position. This allows acute anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias to develop.

This happens when the Amygdala learns new behavior. Because it has been taught a new level of anxiety through your anxious behavior, it incorrectly resets itself to the new 'benchmark' or 'normal' anxiety level for your body.

Even though you consciously know that it feels wrong, you are unable to consciously alter it once it has become set.

All of these conditions, regardless of how severe they are or how long you have had them, are a result of the very same mechanism and therefore require the very same treatment.

Traditional methods, such as Psychology and Psychiatry, use 'talking therapy' to identify the cause of your anxiety or panic attacks, then analyze it over and over again, giving you exercises to follow or even diaries to fill in. The cause of anxiety disorders and panic attacks is not the 'life event' that created the stressful environment (abuse, bereavement, work stress etc.)

This is so wrong!

The actual cause is the way the Amygdala responded to that event and continues to produce anxiety and panic attacks, long after the event (when the Amygdala 'switch' gets stuck 'on'.)

By revisiting the perceived 'causes' during therapy and analyzing your actions, you are actually reinforcing the anxiety, practicing it and making it habitual, because it is remains at the very forefront of your mind!

What about Medication?

Ito doesn't matter what medication you are currently taking - The Linden Method will deactivate the anxiety - You will feel so much better that you will instinctivly want to stop your medication. I came off Valium, Stelazine, Prozac, Seroxatand a few others in under two weeks when I removed my anxiety disorders!

Dr. Claire Bolton

Dr. Claire Bolton MBChB


Dr Bolton has been my family doctor since the start of my own anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
This letter, provided by Dr Bolton, not only confirms who I am and what I do, but also gives an insight into what I went through, from a medical standpoint.

She started me along the 'road to recovery'. The 'road' you will very soon follow

What happened to me?

My anxiety and panic attacks lasted from when I was just 12 years old, till I was 28 but I was anxious from birth.

At school, it was spasmodic with a few courses of anti-depressants, which didn't help at all. The panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder were tolerable most of the time but I had a constant feeling of fear and agoraphobia.

I wasn't comfortable on school trips, I found it hard to stand up and speak in class and hated school plays or social events. I became school-phobic for a few months and took anti-depressants for a while then too. I muddled through however, underachieving and feeling alone, riddled with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

It wasn't until I was around 21 years of age that I experienced acute anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I quickly became agoraphobic and only left the house when visiting the hospital or doctor. Even then, this was only just manageable.

I was prescribed Stelazine, Diazepam, Prozac, Seroxat, some 'old school' antidepressants and other sedatives, but the side effects were horrific. I eventually became dependant on Valium which created horrible withdrawal problems, rebound anxiety and extreme panic attacks.

No one wanted to help me. I was in an anxiety and panic attack management classes and my psychologist had given up on me. I was experiencing 8-10 panic attacks each day.

I was pushed from pillar to post, trying conventional medicine, alternative medicine and even anxiety and panic attacks therapies. Everything I tried was futile.

Charles in 1996

I was experiencing almost all the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. I believed I had Lung disease, Heart disease, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, pretty much every ailment I could imagine. I had thought 'the end' was in sight!

This was me on a rare day out in the Elan Valley, Wales in 1996.

I weighed 18 stone, which is 4 stone more than I am now! I was consumed with anxiety, and had at least eight panic attacks during a journey which should have lasted 2 hours. It actually took us six hours to get there!

Looking back, I find it hard to believe this was even me. Sometimes it's hard to recall just how unwell I really was and the terrible effect it had on my day-to-day life.

How did things change?

I read this referral letter, written to my doctor, from a psychiatrist, whilst I was at University in Hull in November 1993. The lack of understanding is incredible, the lack of knowledge is appalling and the lack of a suitable solution is just unacceptable!

I decided that I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life suffering anxiety and panic attacks

I began researching anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, interviewing patients at local hospitals about their anxiety and panic attacks and speaking to many recovered sufferers, carefully compiling a list of the results.

It was during this time that I experienced a revelation which changed the way I perceived anxiety and panic attacks for ever. This was the turning point.

I implemented my discovery immediately.

Now, over a decade later, I have developed my findings to form a simple course which has been used by over 190,000 anxiety and panic attack sufferers worldwide. A course which has changed people's lives when, they too, had tried everything else without success.

I now employ fully qualified Counselors and Psychologists at my center to help tens of thousands of anxiety, panic attacks and phobia sufferers to finally defeat this horrible condition, once and for all.

Charles holding his baby son

My Method really does work.

This photograph was taken on holiday in Mallorca, by my wife. Charlie (the son I never dreamed that I would have) was about eight months old at that time.

My parents joined us during the second week, and my mother actually commented that she thought she would never see me, on holiday, with a wife and child, looking and feeling so well again. It was my wife, Beth, who persuaded me to write 'The Linden Method'. I was unsure at first, although at that point, over 500 people had used my technique in its raw form. I was suffering from a lack of confidence. But then, almost overnight, I changed my mind.

What made me change my mind?

I realized that I was sick and tired of watching good, innocent people being 'drawn-in' by misleading information on anxiety and panic attacks. You can find it easily in thousands of 'self help' resources, books, programs, counseling sessions and websites. Misguided resources that will never work. I know... I have tried them too!

I'd spent so much time in anxiety and panic attack management groups, therapy and doctor's waiting rooms. Looking back now, I hate the fact that I wasted so much of my life on such misguided methods.

In response, I spent two years developing The Linden Method as it is now. I simply 'reverse-engineered' the solution into, what is now regarded as, the most influential and advanced anxiety disorder elimination solution.

I currently have clients from Birmingham to Bahrain, Russia to Hong Kong and we run Retreats, Workshops and corporate programs for government agencies and private organizations - this isn't an internet 'quick fix' - The Method has become a respected healthcare choice.


I will show you exactly what I did and what each and every one of my clients have done to become 100% anxiety and panic attacks free - without exception!

How will The Linden Method stop your anxiety panic, phobias, depression and obsessions?


The Linden Method has been refined and time-tested to demonstrate exactly what I did and what my clients do, to become 100% anxiety and panic attack free.

It was developed from the core discovery that each and every recovered anxiety sufferer has done something which reverses the creation of their disorder. I then 'reverse-engineered' the solution!

When I first put it into practice, the affect was instant relief and ultimately, complete elimination of my condition.

This Method addresses the root cause of anxiety, panic attacks and phobias directly, addressing the inappropriate behavior of the Amygdala, which causes and perpetuates the disorder. This has been confirmed by The National Institute of Mental Health in their press release.

The Linden Method eliminates anxiety disorder and, in turn, the phobias and obsessions you may experience. It is easy to follow, drug-free, neither scary or threatening, but gentle and very effective.

It doesn't matter whether you have a mild anxiety disorder or acute panic attacks - if you have any inappropriate anxiety, this is for you!

We are real people, accessible and friendly! Jenny, Janice and Kathy, my in-house Counselors/Psychologists are available throughout the week to respond to your emails and telephone calls.

As a client of The Linden Method, unlimited advice, support and anxiety disorder guidance is free of charge.

If you need general help or advice about your anxiety or panic attacks as you follow the Linden Method, just email us. If you find you require urgent assistance, you can call us and speak to one of our Linden Method Specialists.

You must always email or call us if there is something you don't understand... we won't stop till you are happy and anxiety free.

No other anxiety or panic specialist would offer this level of personal support, but I feel it is vital to the elimination of anxiety and panic attacks.

So many people have told me that they forget everything they have heard as soon as they leave their normal therapy sessions or counseling. When you are using The Linden Method, I simply won't let that happen.

What the Psychologists say...

Jenny Saunders

Jenny Saunders
BSc, MSc (Psychology)

Jenny is our Psychologist and Support Manager at The Center. Contact Jenny

Jenny is a university lecturer, who discovered the Linden Method whilst conducting research on panic attacks and subsequently joined our support team.

"If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me for the solution to panic attacks anxiety, I'd be very well off! Until recently, when I discovered the Linden Method, I thought that conventional therapy held all the answers... I don't think that way any more. I help people get completely well now, before, I felt like I was helping them to tread water."

Sarah Coates

Sarah Coates

"Charles removed my anxiety disorder and panic attacks!

Being a psychologist, I was skeptical as to whether The Method would do all that it said it could. Because a friend had introduced me to it, I decided I would have to give it a go. Am I glad that I did! It held all the answers! I then became so disillusioned with Psychology its lack of answers. I discovered that Charles' center was local to my parents' home asked Charles if I could come work with him to support fellow sufferers. I packed up my apartment, moved back home started working with Charles, helping him to help people like me to be well again.

The Linden Method is unlike anything you have ever seen, heard or read about before.

I just wish there was a way of getting this Method to every anxiety disorder, panic attacks agoraphobia sufferer in the world. No one else uses this Method no other Method or therapy gets the results that this one does. I was skeptical at first, as a Psychologist I felt that Psychology was the key to healing this disorder... how wrong I was!

I was in your situation once, surfing the web for answers reading every piece of information available. The Linden Method is the result of over ten years of research professional practice, where real people become anxiety disorder, panic attacks phobias free again, quickly with long-lasting results."

What do other experts say about The Linden Method?

The Linden Method directly addresses all of the elements that cause and perpetuate anxiety disorders, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia, providing the conclusive solution to these frightening conditions.

The Linden Method is a clear, concise and simple Method, which you can follow and implement into your daily routine. It doesn't overwhelm you with a plethora of disjointed self-help techniques, some which might work, some which might not.

Jane Griffiths

Jane is a PTSD specialist who has a vast field of experience in anxiety disorder focused therapies. Jane was the main PTSD counselor for the M42 motorway minibus disaster and provided support and therapy to the families of the children lost in the disaster.

This is what she has to say about The Linden Method:

"The Linden Method is fast becoming the most successful, sensitive, drug free treatment for anxiety disorders and panic attacks ever, rightly so! We hope to have more centers across the world soon to provide this revolutionary Method to more of the people who really need it.
In my opinion, no other approach comes as close to 'hitting the nail on the head' as this one."

Jane Griffiths (SRN. Cert. Health Ed.)
PTSD Counsellor, Nurse Practitioner & Healthcare Trainer

Follow the 'road map' to Wellness!

I sometimes liken The Linden Method to a road map. This is explained clearly by the graphic below:

My roadmap to Wellness

Don't waste valuable time trying to muddle your way out of anxiety or panic attacks...
I know the exact route you need to take; it's the one every recovered sufferer has taken, mostly subconsciously. I simply make it conscious and give you structured stages to follow! It's so simple!

You will finally be able to...

What is The Linden Method and how do you get it?

The Linden Method:

...and what's wonderful is that in the next 10 minutes you can be well on your way to recovering.

NEW - Material that will erase your condition

I have just developed a new CD which I will send to you free with The Linden Method pack which completely exposes the lies that you are told about anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD and phobias.

I have been developing this new material for over 12 months and can finally deliver what I know to be the conclusive facts you need to be anxiety and panic attacks free.

The Linden Method is available in two formats, as a downloadable version or as a printed pack. Both contain every resource you will need to become completely anxiety disorder, panic attacks free.

Both versions include exactly the same material and include the free anxiety disorder counseling and support, whenever you need it.


You now have a decision to make... continue as you are, in the hope that your anxiety and panic attacks will simply melt away;
OR Allow me to show you how to drive it away, right now.


The Linden Method


  The Linden Method - Printed Pack

Order The Linden Method Printed Pack

Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

$227 including Unlimited *Support & Delivery

Including audio CDs and DVDs/video.
All delivered direct to your door via Business Post.
This pack also gives you instant access to the download version,
so you can get started before your pack is even delivered!


Download the Linden Method

Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

$167 including Unlimited *Support & Delivery

Download The Linden Method to your computer and
start eliminating your anxiety and panic attacks right now!

*Unlimited support is provided by government approved mental health professionals


I have suffered just as you do now. Because of this, I would certainly never try to con a fellow sufferer. The people we help become anxiety free, even those that doctors have rejected after failing to make them well. I can promise you that this is the solution and that it will do exactly what I have said!


Join The Linden Method® Today!

Over 180,000 people around the world have used The Linden Method to overcome their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias. Includes - Instance access to all materials and support - Qualified guidance - Money back guarantee

Includes - Instance access to all materials and support - Qualified guidance - Money back guarantee

Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

I have seen so many people rid themselves of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, stomach complaints, general fatigue, stress related and return to a normal life. You can do it too.

All I ask is the opportunity to show you that this Method can change your life quicker than you would ever have believed possible.

I have also developed a number of audio tracks and a video which are supplemental to the Linden Method. I have included these free of charge in the current Linden Method pack.

These are:

FREE BONUS 1 - The Linden Method Video (DVD format) Worth $35 - yours FREE

A specially produced, feature length video to accompany your manual. This video would normally retail at $35 but is yours free for just trying the Linden Method. You can download the video directly to your computer, I will give you easy to follow instructions.

If you decide to order the printed version of The Linden Method, you will also receive the video on DVD

FREE BONUS 2 - 7 Linden Method Audio CDs. Worth $180 - yours FREE

When you download the Linden Method, you will be given access to six specially produced audio tracks. I will walk you through the Linden Method and show you how to use the most supportive and powerful anxiety panic attack elimination techniques available anywhere.

Sold separately, these tracks are over $180, but are yours FREE for trying the Linden Method. These tracks are available to you to download in a simple to use format, for which you will be given easy to follow instructions, as soon as your order is placed.

These audio tracks will be supplied on audio CD should you decide to buy the printed pack.

FREE BONUS 3 - Download CD. Worth $35 - yours FREE

Not everyone is confident downloading files to a computer. This is really simple to do, however to assist you, I will send you the whole Method Pack on CDs, so you won't have to worry about it.

Should you choose not to have the CD's, you can always email me, at any time, and I'll have them sent out to you.

FREE BONUS 4 - Unlimited Anxiety Disorder Counseling. Worth $1000s - yours FREE

One year's free counseling with us directly, if and when you need it! Plus, free consultations with my in-house psychologists and anxiety disorder specialists via email or phone. If you use this just five times, at the average cost of Cognitive Therapy sessions, this is worth around $900 alone! I include it free of charge.

FREE BONUS 5 - New Bonus! Essential Anxiety Facts CD. Worth $35 - Yours FREE

Specific and informative advice for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Agoraphobia and other phobias. I will offer you my personal guidance to help you deal with many of the anxiety related conditions that cause the most concern.


The Linden Method 365 day Guarantee

I understand you may still be skeptical that this program can do everything I've told you it will do. I'd like to take all the risk out of trying it by giving you a 365-day better than risk-free guarantee!

Please try The Linden Method for up to a full year. Any time during that year, if you aren't convinced that it hasn't eliminated your anxiety / panic attacks and phobias, just tell me and I'll happily refund your payment.

New (optional) Reassurance/Visualization Exercise CD

In response to overwhelming client demand, I am pleased to be able to offer you my new relaxation visualization CD, which includes my favorite visualization/relaxation tracks and reassuring messages from me. Reassuring, comforting and very relaxing.

Simply select the option to receive this in the order form.

You can start using the Linden Method within the next 5 minutes!

The Linden Method Manual can be simply downloaded right now, meaning that you can start eliminating your anxiety and panic attacks straight away, or, you can order The Linden Method Printed Pack and whilst you wait for it to arrive, you can access to the download version free of charge.

My Method has been developed over 19 years of actual experience. You can benefit from the results that I, and thousands of others have experienced. My priority is to help you and other people like us, finally be free of the condition that made my life miserable for so long, and make it as accessible and affordable as possible.

If, at any time, you find that the The Linden Method doesn't live up to what I have told you, just let me know and I'll send you a full refund. You can have a refund at any time up to one year from your purchase day... at any time and for no reason.

If I can't eliminate your anxiety or panic attacks, I don't want your money!

I am 100% confident that The Linden Method will eliminate your anxiety, as it has done for so many people, so many times. All you need to do is follow what I tell you and allow it to work for you.

Let me prove to you that you can and will be well again - free from anxiety and panic attacks with very little effort at all!

After you have placed your order, you will be directed to my download area. Your username and password will also be sent to you via email, so that you access the member's only page and obtain your video, audio and text-based resources. It's so very simple.

I promise you with all my heart that, like me, you will be anxiety free again, it's just a matter of time.

Warm regards,

Charles Linden - Anxiety Disorder Coach
Charles Linden Signature

Charles Linden
Author of The Linden Method and
Director of The Linden Centers Worldwide

Contact Us

Order The Linden Method Now!

p.s. If you have any questions or queries now or whilst doing The Linden Method, please remember to contact us. It is important that you understand that we are always here if you need us. Don't live another day with anxiety disorder and/or panic attacks, it's just a waste of life.

Remember, you receive $488 worth of materials for only $167 for the download version or $227 for the full printed version including the unlimited, qualifed, support, (including shipping and handling via insured, express delivery). If you're not 100% impressed by the results, just send it back within one year and we'll cheerfully refund your money... the truth is, if we can't get you well again, we don't want your money!

And, you can even pay in four easy payments! Just choose that option during the order process. (most major credit and debit cards welcome.)




Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results - results are dependent on the individual doing the program as instructed. All testimonials are real, and all the people featured have provided their reviews of their own free will without payment.

Marie S. West

Etienne Dube

Drew Cohen

Natasha, Canada

Les Titford

Clare James

Robin S.

Natalie Bellamy

Martin Jensen






Darris Pope

"I have not had a panic attack in more than a year, in fact I'm not sure if I ever even could have one after the knowledge I've received."

Darris Pope

Daniela S.

"I had suffered generalized anxiety for more than two years and I can tell you that Charles' Linden Method helped me when I thought nothing could help me."

Daniela S.

Karin Regenass

"The effect it had was amazing! The panic attacks stopped immediately (I did not have one since then)..."

Karin Regenass

Yvette Johnson

"Thank you sooooooo much for putting together this program. I am 98% panic free and it's been less then a month..."

Yvette Johnson

Louise Walker

"The program was a godsend. It gave me the power to change my life completely and be well again. Panic Attacks, depression and Anxiety are no longer an issue."

Louise Walker

Gillian Brierley

"Let Charles help you if you want to get better. I am living proof that it works. "

Gillian Brierley

Drew Cohen

"The Linden Method gave me the courage, and showed me how to completely rid myself of Panic Attacks immediately, and to eventually rid myself of the anxiety that ruled my life every single day. Thanks Charles, I hope everyone who needs you will find you!"

Drew Cohen

Carol-Anne Baxter

"We thought that Phil would be housebound for ever, but, he hasn't had a panic attack for 7 months now. Such a relief."

Carol-Anne Baxter


"I made the choice to try The Linden Method and what I like most is Charles' confidence that you WILL get through this!"


J Bills

"Your visualization is so effective. I close my eyes and slow my breathing when I feel a panic attack starting."

J. Bills. Heidelberg

Claire Farmer

"Charles, thank you so much for giving me my life back! I hope many others find your method and escape the vicious circle of anxiety."

Claire Farmer

"Panic attacks and anxiety disorder ruled my life. I felt like I was going to die, your program empowered me to do something about it and educated me as to how to do it."

Jane Lampitt

"Thank you so much, Louise is so much happier and it's only been a little more than a week. Thanks again for giving us hope. I feel like we are getting our daughter back. God Bless you."

Celia Ryder
(Mother to Louise)

"I was addicted to tranquillizers and desperate. It took a while but I stuck to the advice in the pack. The panic attacks went immediately, the anxiety feelings stayed a bit longer but are now gone. Thank you."

Stuart Guest
Lothian, Scotland

"My panic attacks and anxiety are gone! If someone had said I could be better by selling all of my possessions, I would have done it! I got the same for a lot less through Thank you Charles."

Cecil Coles

"If only I had found this pack years ago. I'm not sick of my anxiety and panic attacks, just angry that I lost 4 years of my life to this pointless anxiety disorder."

Alicia Silverside
County Antrim, N. Ireland

"My doctor told me that I had 'genetic anxiety' and that it was probably linked to my grandmother who had anxiety disorder and panic attack problems her whole life. When my cousin bought me the pack last Christmas I was skeptical. Not now! I start a new job next week!"

Joe Chinn

"Knowing that my anxiety symptoms were common was enough to reassure me that I was not dying. I then felt confident enough to defeat my anxiety and panic attacks. I can't believe what a difference it made. I have recommended the program to everyone in my anxiety management team. Thank you so much."

James T.
Ontario, Canada

"I could have been free of anxiety and panic attacks years ago; I just didn't have the tools."

B. Hague

"My husband had left me, my kids ignored me and my career was long gone. I never thought I could be panic attacks or anxiety free."

Luanne Green
United Kingdom

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